Divorce cases can be emotional, mentally draining, and even complex. The Nunzio Law Firm understands how tough they can be on clients. That is why we, at The Nunzio Law Firm, strive to make the process as peacefully and easy-going as possible. But that does not mean that we will not be tough. We cannot control what your spouse or their attorney does, but The Nunzio Law Firm will fight for your case. We research your case, fight to protect your earned assets, and bring everything to the table when negotiating initial settlements. If you have a child or children, we research and calculate child support. We put our best effort forward to achieve your desired Child Custody Arrangement. If we cannot settle your case, we will bring the matter to trial. During your Divorce Case, The Nunzio Law Firm will be there for you, answer your questions, and explain every stage of the proceedings.

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Child Custody

Want to spend more time with your kids? Is your current co-parenting situation not working? Is your child’s other parent demanding more time, or not letting you see your kid? And worse-case scenario, is your child’s other parent negatively impacting your child’s life? These situations can lead to heartache for all parties, criminal accusations, or even Personal Protection Orders (PPOs).

When kids are involved, everything can seem more stressful. Put your mind at ease by hiring The Nunzio Law Firm to handle all of your child custody issues. We work tirelessly on Sole or Joint Physical Custody, Sole or Joint Legal Custody, Parenting Time, and more.  

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 Child Protective Services Investigations

Has Child Protective Services called you recently? Did CPS want to schedule a home visit? Have you received letters from Department of Human Services about the care, custody, and well-being of your child? There are two outcomes to this situation: Good and Bad. Contact The Nunzio Law Firm so that We can achieve a Good Outcome for your household. We will work tireless for you, interceed on your behalf, and help resolve matters as soon as possible. All Child Protective Service Investigations are time-sensitive matters. Hire The Nunzio Law Firm today before your situation goes from Good to Bad.