Is Your Child in Criminal Trouble? Has the Police visited Your Child at School?

The Nunzio Law Firm has you covered. We know that a criminal conviction can affect educational enrollment, housing, job opportunities, college scholarship, and more. The Nunzio Law Firm handles all delinquency cases. Delinquency cases are criminal offenses committed by someone who is under the age of 17. After a child turns 17, they are considered an adult in the criminal system in the State of Michigan.

The Nunzio Law Firm knows and understands the differences between Adult Criminal and Juvenile Cases - especially the difference in your child’s rights. Hire The Nunzio Law Firm to protect your child’s rights fully. We know what’s at stake, you’re child’s future, and we will work tirelessly to achieve the best result for your case.


Delinquency Cases Examples:

  • Shoplifting / Retail Fraud

  • Minor in Possession of Tobacco, Alcohol, or Marijuana

  • Joyriding / Grand Theft Auto / Car Theft

  • Breaking & Entering, Home Invasion

  • Drug Offenses

  • Criminal Sexual Conduct

  • Armed Robbery, Unarmed Robbery

  • Gun Offenses

  • Murder, Homicide, Manslaughter

The Juvenile System

The Juvenile system is a quasi-criminal system that starts in Family Court. In serious criminal matters, the Prosecutor may elect to waive the case to Criminal Court or the Prosecutor may ask the Family Law Judge to waive the case into Criminal Court. If the case is waived to criminal court, your child will be tried and treated as an adult. It’s important to hire the right attorney to negotiate to keep your child’s case in Family Court. Overall, the juvenile system is more rehabilitative, whereas the criminal system is only about punishment.

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Juvenile Lifers: Child Who Commit Murder

What Happens when the Prosecutor is pursuing Life in Prison without the Possibility of Parole? Your attorney needs to understand the Miller Factors. Hire The Nunzio Law Firm to handle your child’s matter. We’ve handled a Juvenile Lifer Resentencing, and we’ve handled Murder Cases - we know how to use the Miller factors in Trial.

Miller Factors:

  • Offender’s chronological age and its hallmark features – Immaturity, Impetuosity, and Failure to appreciate risks and consequences;

  • Offender’s family and home environment;

  • Circumstances of the homicide offense:

    • Extent of the offenders participation in the conduct,

    • Way familial and peer pressures may have effected him/her;

  • The incompetencies associated with youth in dealing with police officers, prosecutors, and defense attorneys; and

  • The possibility of rehabilitation.