How you can Help Your Lawyer

  • At The Nunzio Law Firm, it is our practice to copy and send you everything we get from Court about your case. Keep them. If your matter is appealable, you will be able to give your appellate attorney right away.

  • In Kent County under Court Order, there are some items that we cannot give you. These items include any digital evidence such as photos, videos, etc.

  • Generally in Criminal Matters, The Nunzio Law Firm cannot give out victim or witness addresses and other things.

  • Do not talk about your case with anyone.

  • If you are in Jail, do not talk about your case over phone or video with anyone. Jail facilities record all non-attorney visits and will hand them over to the Prosecutor’s office.

  • Do not make any statements to Police Officers, Prosecutors, or News Personnel without Your Lawyer Present.

Tips about the Process

  • Overall: The Legal Process is slow. Civil Suits can take years. Criminal Matters may take several months to even over a year to resolve.

  • Lawyers have more than one client at a time. That’s just a fact of life. They can’t afford to handle just one case at a time unless they are defending a movie star.

  • Lawyers have to research things and you want a lawyer who researches. It’s impossible to know everything about every facet of the law. That’s like asking a heart surgeon to know detailed procedures about brain survey. Do they know the basics? Yes. If your lawyer researches frequently, they are on top of current law.

  • If your case is a criminal matter, your Defense attorney cannot, under the Michigan rule of ethics, pay for experts. If your case is a civil matter, your lawyer may or may not cover expert expenses.

  • Your lawyer cannot answer questions 24/7. Trust us, Lawyers wish they could. Unfortunately, there are not enough hours in the day.

  • Lawyers are people too. They have families and feelings!