Has the Police Contacted you about a Sexual assault Allegation? Have you been asked to come down to the Police Department for Questioning or have the Police just shown up at your house? Have the Police Questioned you without telling why or what is going on? Has Child Protective Services conducted a home visit as questioned you about family dynamics?

Talking to CPS or Police without first talking to a lawyer will prove to be a critical error when you are later arrested for a criminal sexual conduct charge. Any slightly incorrect statements and failure to recount events when asked by the police will be used against you as admissions to a crime. Don’t convict yourself, hire The Nunzio Law Firm Today.

When Police are questioning you, they are not looking for your innocence or your side of the story. The Police are looking to prove and corroborate the complaining witness’ allegation. The Police will do this; The Nunzio Law Firm calls this the “Time, Place, and Manner” Trap. The Police will get you to admit you were with the complaining witness on a particular date and time and under a manner of circumstances consistent with what the complaining witness asserts. All the while, the Police will make it sounds like you did nothing wrong. They might even compliment you and your family as to how nice and cooperative you are! The Police might even say, “Don’t worry about it, we aren’t going to arrest you.” You think you are in the clear when the police leave, until a major crime detective contacts you and requests that you come down to the police department to follow up your first interview. By now, your first statement has been provided to the complaining witness for “story hole punching.” In the “he said, she said” cases, the police need your admission, contradictions, and any missteps to build their case because these types of cases don’t have witnesses or other evidence.

Your second interview with the Major Crimes Detective will invariably net a second, different statement from the first statement because you are nervous, upset, frustrated, and not sure about what was going on. Remember, Police are agents of Prosecutors, not Criminal Defense lawyers (whose side are they on?!). Plus, the Police will ask you to take a lie detector just to see your reaction and confirm that you can “clear yourself” by simply passing one. Most accused make the fatal mistake of thinking they can talk themselves out of it. If you don’t pass the polygraph or lie detector test, you will likely be charged. All because you didn’t hire The Nunzio Law Firm to take care of this matter at the beginning. 

Don’t let this Story be Your Story. Hire The Nunzio Law Firm Today.

Sex Crimes We Handle:

  • Criminal Sexual Conduct

  • Forcible Rape and Date Rape

  • Child Molestation Charges or Allegations

  • Multiple Victim Cases

  • Failing to Register or Update as a Sex Offender

  • Human Trafficking

  • Attempted Human Trafficking

  • Attempted Criminal Sexual Conduct

  • Child Abuse (improper touching)

  • Soliciting minors for immoral purpose

  • Child Pornography, Possessing or Producing Child Sexually Abusive Material

  • Using internet or computer to commit crimes

  • Revenge Porn

  • Surveilling Unclothed Person without Consent