Criminal Law

The Nunzio Law Firm takes all Criminal Cases - big or small, State or Federal, simple or complex. We take every case seriously at every stage. For all criminal defense cases, we request all discovery evidence. After we collect, evaluate and review all evidence, The Nunzio Law Firm offers Criminal Defendants and other authorized persons, Criminal Defense Strategy meetings. During these meetings, The Nunzio Law Firm will present powerpoint presentations of the case, review the pertinent evidence, and answer all questions about the law, the process, and your concerns. When appropriate, The Nunzio Law Firm will file Motions to Suppress Evidence and Motions in Liminie. The Nunzio Law Firm will negotiate favorable plea bargains. And if your matter goes to trial, The Nunzio Law Firm will fight for you at trial.


Juvenile Law

If you child catches a Juvenile Case - their entire future could be in jeopardy. Hire The Nunzio Law Firm today so that we can save your child’s tomorrow. We know the Juvenile system, we have the strategies to protect your child, and we will fight for your child. Don’t let today affect your child’s college enrollment, scholarships, housing, or job opportunities. The Nunzio Law Firm knows the differences in Adult Criminal Court and Juvenile Family Law Court, do you? We are here to answer all of your questions.


Family Law

Family Matters are tough, but so is The Nunzio Law Firm. Trust Our Family Practice with Your Family Matter. The Nunzio Law Firm handles Divorces, Child Custody Issues, Parenting time, and Child Protective Services Investigations. We will be there with you to answer questions, explain the process, and fight for your family. Because The Nunzio Law Firm is comprised of a Family of Lawyers, you know we take family seriously. See our results page for testimonials from people who hired The Nunzio Law Firm for Divorce and Child Custody Cases.


Post-Conviction Matters

Think that you were wrongfully convicted? Wish you could protect a loved-one but you feel helpless because they are in prison? Count on The Nunzio Law Firm to fight for your rights through an Appeal, Expungement, Probation Violations, or Motions for Relief of Judgement. An appeal is a formal way of asking the higher courts to review your case. Expungements remove criminal convictions from your record. Probation Violations occur when a criminal defendant breaks a term of probation and could face prison time for that violation. A Motion for Relief of Judgement is a motion offering newly available evidence that would have changed the outcome of the original trial - the Judge has the power to undo the result at the original trial.


Civil Litigation

Our Practice is Your Solution. We handle Contract disputes, Property Disputes, and Personal Injury Cases. Our goal is to settle your matter, through negotiations or trial, with your optimal result. We have successful resolved several contract disputes. We have dealt with property disputes. And we carefully helped plaintiffs with their personal injury cases.